Essential RV Maintenance for the summer season

Essential Traverse City RV Maintenance for the summer seasonSummer in Northern Michigan is a perfect time to hit the road with your RV. At Cherry Capital RV, we aim to ensure your vehicle is ready for the journey ahead. Here are some essential Traverse City RV maintenance tips to keep your summer travels safe and enjoyable.

  1. Check Your Tires: Tires are crucial for a safe road trip. Check your tire pressure regularly, especially before a long drive. Also, inspect them for any signs of wear or damage and ensure they are properly aligned.
  2. Inspect the Roof and Seals: The roof of your RV is exposed to harsh weather elements. Make sure to check it for cracks or leaks. The seals around windows, doors, and the roof should also be inspected and replaced if necessary.
  3. Maintain Your Air Conditioner: A well-functioning AC is vital for those hot summer days. Clean the filters, and have them serviced if needed. Ensure the vents are unblocked and the system is cooling effectively.
  4. Test Your Battery: The battery should be tested and fully charged before setting off. If it’s more than three years old, consider a replacement.
  5. Check Your Plumbing System: Before you leave, check your RV’s plumbing system for leaks or damages. Also, clean your water tanks to prevent any bacterial growth.

At Cherry Capital RV, we understand that maintaining your RV can seem daunting, but it’s an essential part of ensuring a trouble-free summer road trip. Cherry Capital RV doesn’t only help you find your dream RV at an affordable price but also offers you all the accessories and parts you might need.

Got a question about RV maintenance or need a specific part? Contact us today! Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in ensuring your RV is summer-ready. Remember, a well-maintained RV isn’t just about safety and longevity-it’s about ensuring unforgettable summer adventures in Northern Michigan with peace of mind.