Easy, Fun, and Delicious Campfire Meals That Your Family Will Go Crazy Over!

Michigan Campfire Meals

Nothing says "endless summer escapades" like a road trip through Northern Michigan in the comfort of a camper, 5th Wheel, or RV from Cherry Capital RV. As you soak up the breathtaking vistas around Traverse City, one of the delights of camping is gathering around a warm, crackling campfire and sharing delicious meals with loved ones.

Whether you're an experienced chef or a novice cook, we've rounded up some easy, fun, and mouthwatering campfire meals that your family is bound to go crazy over!

  1. Campfire Pizza

Who says you can't enjoy a pizza in the great outdoors? All you need is pizza dough, your favorite toppings, a cast-iron skillet, and your campfire. Let each family member customize their personal pizza for a fun and interactive meal!

  1. Foil Pack Dinners

Foil pack dinners are simple, versatile, and require minimal cleanup. Simply place your choice of protein (chicken, beef, or tofu for vegetarians), vegetables, and seasoning in aluminum foil, then fold it into a secure packet. Cook it on the campfire grill until done. The options are endless, from a classic combo like sausage and peppers to a more adventurous sweet potato and black bean mix.

  1. Campfire Stew

There's nothing quite as satisfying as a warm and hearty stew after a day of adventure. Prepare your stew mix (meat, potatoes, carrots, onions, and your preferred seasonings) at home and keep it in your RV refrigerator. Cook it in a large pot over the campfire and serve with crusty bread for a cozy and fulfilling meal.

  1. Grilled Traverse City Cherry Skewers

Take advantage of Traverse City's famous cherries by making sweet and tangy cherry skewers. Thread cherries, marshmallows, and cubes of pound cake onto skewers, then lightly grill them over the campfire for a delicious dessert. Drizzle with melted chocolate for added decadence!

Embarking on an RV trip doesn't mean leaving the comforts of home behind. With the right RV, 5th Wheel, or camper from Cherry Capital RV, you can enjoy your favorite meals on the road. Check out our New Inventory and Used Inventory to find your perfect travel companion.

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This summer, make the most of the great outdoors with unforgettable culinary experiences and amazing Northern Michigan scenery. Happy cooking and happy camping!

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