Financing Available

Financing is available!

We at CHERRY CAPITAL RV proudly offer financing. Easy and affordable loans tailored specifically to meet your needs. We service various lenders, so you might enjoy a choice where you finance when completing your purchase. Our experienced and knowledgeable salesperson can work with nearly any budget, and you can camp on terms that work for you and your family. Yes…some buyers do qualify for zero down financing.

Find our selection of new RVs here at: https://cherrycapitalrv.com/all-units/

Go directly to our on line credit application: Application

Why do we Offer Financing?

We offer financing to save you the trouble of working with lenders for a loan. We already have working relationships with many of the lenders in the area which makes it easy for you. Offering the best rates and terms specifically designed for RV loans.  All of our lenders offer fixed rate, simple interest finance terms and without early termination fees.

We seek out lenders that require little or perhaps no money down. That offer long loan terms with the lowest payments possible.  Please check with your tax preparer to check if interest on your RV loan is tax deductible.

We do not charge our customers document fees, prep fees, delivery fees, or any other hidden costs. As you may already know, many RV dealers and even some local Traverse City dealers charge extra fees. Our prices are completely up front and transparent…no surprises.

The question of 90 days to first payment comes up once in a while, and we choose not to offer it, as the result of moving the payment out further than normal will cost you the consumer,  a great deal of extra interest. In addition most of the more upstanding lenders do not offer it as in their world it resulted in a higher number loans that didn’t turn out sucessful.  We can easily quote both the normal time to first payment and the 90 days to first and happily show you why it is not to your benefit to take out a loan in this fashion.

Customers First

CHERRY CAPITAL RV puts a primary emphasis upon protecting your privacy and confidentiality when entrusted with your personal information.  As always, and as with all departments throughout our dealership, you will enjoy complete, unparalleled honesty, integrity, fairness and respect. 

Take your new RV home with a smile knowing that you financed it in the way that works specifically for you. CHERRY CAPITAL RV, northern Michigan’s premier RV dealership, will help you finance your new Primetime RV, Wildwood or your pre-owned travel trailer, fifth wheel, motor coach or any other camper that you choose.  Once you’ve found the RV of your dreams, our finance staff will help you make those dreams a reality.  Please come see us at CHERRY CAPITAL RV any time for fast, easy, convenient, confidential RV financing.