Top 5 Northern Michigan Destinations for Your Summer RV Trip

Top 5 Northern Michigan Destinations for Your Summer RV Trip

Planning your summer RV trip can be an exhilarating experience! This summer, we suggest you set your sights on Northern Michigan. Check out our top 5 destinations.

Top 5 Destinations

Keeping Cool on Your Summer Road Trip in Northern Michigan

Keeping Cool on Your Michigan Road Trip in Northern Michigan

When you are embarking on a summer road trip through the stunning landscapes of Northern Michigan, the last thing you want to worry about is the sweltering heat.

Keeping Cool

Essential RV Maintenance You Need to Know for the Summer Season

Essential Traverse City RV Maintenance for the summer season

Summer in Northern Michigan is a perfect time to hit the road with your RV. At Cherry Capital RV, we aim to ensure your vehicle is ready for the journey ahead.

RV Maintenance

The benefits of hitting the road in an RV & Why You Should!

The benefits of hitting the road in an RV from Cherry Capital RV Dealers Traverse City.

There’s something incredibly liberating about packing up an RV and hitting the open road, especially in the beautiful landscape of Northern Michigan. Learn More Why!

The Benefits

Explore the Top Destinations for Your End-Of-Summer RV Trip!

As summer slowly starts to yield to the crisp charm of fall, it’s the perfect time to grab those last golden rays and embark on an unforgettable journey through Northern Michigan.

End of Summer Trip

5th Wheel vs. Camper Trailer? What are the Differences and Why Should I Care?

An important question remains: should you choose a 5th Wheel or a Camper Trailer for your end-of-summer escapades and why should you care? Check out why it’s important to know the difference.

5th Wheel vs Camper

The benefits of hitting the road in an RV & Why You Should!

Nothing says “endless summer escapades” like a road trip through Northern Michigan in the comfort of a camper, 5th Wheel, or RV from Cherry Capital RV.

Campfire Ideas

Top Destinations to See Fall Foliage from Your RV in Northern Michigan

When summer gracefully transitions to autumn, Northern Michigan dons a radiant tapestry of red, orange, and gold. For RV enthusiasts, this season paints the roads!

Fall Camping Destinations

Get Started on the Essential Fall Maintenance for Your RV by Cherry Capital RV!

With fall travel in Northern Michigan, it is essential for RV Fall Maintenance.  Learn more here from Cherry Capital RV on how you can easily maintain your RV!

Essential Fall Maintenance

How to Make Your RV Cozy This Fall! Cherry Capital RV Has Ideas for You!

Are you looking to create a comfortable space in your RV or Camper? Don’t look any further as we put together simple ideas to make your RV cozy!

Cozy Camper Ideas

The Benefits of Off-Season RV & Camper Travel in Northern Michigan!

Fall represents a unique travel window in Northern Michigan! Dive into the peak travel times of summer and winter this off-season!

Off-Season RV Travel Ideas

The Ultimate Fall RV Cooking Guide for Your Northern Michigan Adventure!

Do leave to camp without it! Explore the Ultimate Fall RV Cooking Guide today. Never miss out on hearty, delicious & filling fall foods!

Fall RV Cooking Guide

Spooky Destinations to Visit in Your RV this Halloween in Northern Michigan

Fall in Northern Michigan is a magical time when the air becomes crisp, the leaves don their fiery hues, and the spirit of Halloween begins to stir.

Spooky Destinations

How to Transform Your RV into a Haunted Haven for Halloween

The leaves are changing colors, and the Halloween season is here! What better way to celebrate than by transforming your RV into a spook-tacular haunted haven?

Transform Your RV!

Celebrating Halloween on the Road: A Guide to RV & Camper Folks!

Celebrating Halloween on the road in your RV is a thrilling experience that combines the freedom of travel with the spooktacular spirit of the season

Halloween on the Road

Making the Most of Your RV in the Off-Season

As the vibrant colors of autumn give way to the chill of winter, many RV owners start thinking about tucking their beloved rigs away until the next spring. But why wait?

RV in the Off-Season!